Monday, 16 July 2018

Computer Education Is For Everyone

It may seem that everyone is pretty savvy in using the computer seeing how it has invaded the planet. It is the case if you live in progressive countries or bustling cities like most people who are active online but unfortunately, these modern contrivances are still unheard of or just a dream in some part of the globe where food, water, shelter, and safety are of utmost importance and the only thing that matters to them. Kids grow up not knowing how a computer looks like or stay virtually clueless about the inner workings of the web. But we all know that we can’t stop technology from progressing. The rest of the world can do the impossible while these underprivileged people remain in the dark and stay rooted deep in poverty.

Meanwhile, it does not mean nothing can be done about it. If one or more people stand up and take actions about this continued ignorance and hopelessness, then these people may be able to change the course of their lives. Such is the case of a really creative and passionate teacher who took the initiative of drawing what an MS Word screen on a blackboard to show his students that they can still learn about computers despite its absence. And seeing how powerful a platform social media has become, his story trended and caught the attention of many.

With just a blackboard and a talent for drawing, a Ghanaian teacher has explained in detail to his students the secrets of Microsoft Word, earning numerous headlines and worldwide admiration.

Now Richard Appiah Akoto, who gained fame last month for teaching computer technology without computers at Betenase M/A Junior High School in the southern Ghana town of Sekyedumase, is starting to appreciate the fruits of his unexpected media attention.

People and organizations are donating desktop computers and laptops to his school. And, as part of Microsoft's promise to offer him free training, Akoto was flown to Singapore to attend the annual Microsoft Educators Exchange.


He passionately taught about technology even if they themselves lack it. It only goes to show that everything is doable once you set your mind and heart into it. And his great efforts worked. They captured the attention of almost the entire world and got the donation they so desperately need. Everyone should have a fair chance of keeping abreast with the many changes going around us and the teacher’s effort is commendable in so many levels.

Owura Kwadwo Hottish, the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) teacher in Ghana who became a twitter sensation in February after drawing Microsoft Word interface on a blackboard continues to get support.

Hottish’s innovative teaching method in the face of lacking teaching and learning materials earned him lots of commendation on social media.

Microsoft’s Africa office also promised to equip him with a device to help teach his children. This was after a tech entrepreneur Rebecca Enonchong tweeted at the company seeking support for him.


And today, this teacher hasn’t just opened up a whole new world for his students for them to see a computer for real despite their dire circumstances but also gave him a chance to learn more about his craft by being sent to a Microsoft Exchange Summit in Singapore, an opportunity that he could’ve missed if he wasn’t so brazen in his efforts to educate the ignorant and share his knowledge about computer to students who never knew these things existed when barely surviving is what they can only think of almost every single time.

For many of these kids, this just the beginning of something better in their lives and a chance to break out of the poverty and hopeless situation they are in. They have a lot to learn too. Not only it is a must to learn the basics but on what to do when things don’t turn out as planned considering that they are so far away from civilization and they can only often count on themselves to troubleshoot for potential PC issues such as since professional services like are unheard of and something they can definitely not afford. It is refreshing to come across stories such as theirs because it shows us that not all hope is yet lost and faith in humanity is once restored.

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Monday, 9 July 2018

Your Hard Drive Doesn’t Stand A Chance With This Modern Headache

Technology is the most dominant feature of today’s world. Everything is almost digital now and machines are all around us. They perform all sorts of functions and promises to make life easier and more convenient for everyone. If only they can stay that way, unfortunately, these devices are also subject to normal wear and tear and can break down when abused or not cared for properly. Now, things get more complicated once malicious outsiders get into the picture. Examples of which are malware attacks that threaten devices from all over the world with just a click of a button. These modern advancements are really a double-edged sword that will keep us on our toes if we are not careful enough about what we do.

Knowing how much digital data man saves today, encountering malware attacks is proving to be more costly. Add to that the fact that you can never really tell what hackers will do with your information is also rather scary. They can steal from you especially that many people are doing online banking now and they can easily lose a fortune once their accounts get hacked or end up with so much debt from credit card purchases they did not make. Aside from that, your device also suffers as malware introduced to your system significantly affects performance and ends up corrupting your hard drive and thereby requiring replacement.

A nation-state developed a piece of malware so powerful that it can steal everything that’s happening on a computer without even being installed on the target device itself. Instead, it resides on a router. It’s called Slingshot and it was recently discovered by Kaspersky Labs. Incredibly, the malware is so powerful and sophisticated that it hid in routers for six years before finally being spotted.

That’s likely why a nation-state is behind the attack. And while the infected routers that have been identified will be fixed via software updates, there’s no telling how many machines may have been affected.


You may think only private individuals who consider themselves as hackers or cybercriminals would do such a thing but there are actually rumors of governments funding these things. Atrocious as they may seem but they aren’t entirely proven yet but it also gives us an idea that we aren’t safe, so we must beef up our precautions or end up regretting simple acts like backing up data or installing a firewall or antivirus software. You should also be wary of opening unsolicited emails as they may be the reason for your undoing by introducing a malware that can give you lost of headaches in the coming days or years what with professional repair services like costing an arm and a leg when done by others or the need to purchase replacement hardware parts like the hard drive. Malwares these days are getting smarter and more difficult to address that it takes multiple software updates before the damage can be reduced to the minimum.

"The discovery of Slingshot reveals another complex ecosystem where multiple components work together in order to provide a very flexible and well-oiled cyber-espionage platform," the researchers reported.

"The malware is highly advanced, solving all sorts of problems from a technical perspective and often in a very elegant way, combining older and newer components in a thoroughly thought-through, long-term operation, something to expect from a top-notch well-resourced actor."

Slingshot worms its way onto a machine by replacing the legitimate Windows dynamic link library with a malicious version. Once done, it connects to a hardcoded IP and port, found to be a router's IP address, and then uses the connection to download other malicious components to carry out its espionage, hence why it forms a malware platform.


Unlike other malwares that target the device itself, this one, Slingshot, heads straight for the router, in a way acting more like a worm. It introduces a kernel-mode and user-mode module to your PC so they can work hand in hand in corrupting your system and at the same time stealing your data and basically do all sorts of spying aside from eventually ruining your device: The way it works, no wonder a government is interested in it because it can prove handy in warfare and a big boost in intelligence gathering. Also, it is interesting to note that infected routers are located in most war-torn countries but with a complexity and sophistication that screams superior and definitely prove to be a big pain to anyone who will catch the online bug and compromise their data security to who knows who.

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Monday, 2 July 2018

Macs Are At Risk Of The “Text Bomb”

Mac computers are undeniably expensive but definitely superior too. Apple has invested a lot in it over the years and it has garnered many of the most loyal Mac computer users for several decades now. Most Mac users did not switch to Windows PC even if their Mac line has not seen significant improvements in its hardware during the past few years while Microsoft has thrown in a lot of upgrades to a variety of Window PCs especially with the arrival of Windows 10. Despite the relative hiatus in Mac development, the fact that very few bugs and malware affect the Mac line is one factor why Mac users remain loyal to Apple computers over the passing of time.

Unfortunately, things have significantly changed and many online bugs are now affecting Apple PCs and devices. As if the existence of Meltdown and Specter is not enough of worry for all of us who live and breathe technology, we now have “text bomb” that threatens your device and the security of your data simply by just opening a single message. The good thing is that it’s not really directed as a threat but more of a wake-up call for the tech giant to beef up its cybersecurity defenses or risk angering millions of their consumers from bugs that can cost them thousands of dollars and not to mention the inconvenience of having no working device for days on end until the problem has been fixed by an expert.

A so-called text bomb bug that can crash an iPhone with a single message has been discovered by a security researcher.

Software developer Abraham Masri revealed that sending a message containing a link to the bug's code was enough to crash an iPhone or Mac computer, and in some cases cause it to restart.

Masri initially posted a link to the code on programming site GitHub but has since removed it, saying: "I made my point. Apple need to take such bugs more seriously."

He had reported the bug to Apple before releasing it online, but its removal means malicious messages can no longer be sent linking to it.


This issue may seem petty for some but it is actually capable of stealing your personal data. And knowing how most things have gone digital these days, you have a lot to lose since most of your transactions are now done online. Even businesses and government offices have their files in the digital format for fast and easy transactions. Hence, the risks have increased and hackers found the World Wide Web a great place to build their fortune. Even Macs that have remained invincible for years are now the target of countless bugs and malware that is sure making life difficult for everyone at Apple.

Renowned security expert Graham Cluley said the newly discovered bug did not represent a major security threat. Instead, he said the "text bomb" was merely an annoyance to Apple consumers.

"Something about the so-called ChaiOS bug's code gives your Apple device a brainstorm," he said in a blog post published late Tuesday.

"Nasty. But, thankfully, more of a nuisance than something that will lead to data being stolen from your computer or a malicious hacker being able to access your files," he added.

Late last year, Apple was scrambling to fix another glitch. The tech behemoth apologized to consumers in November after users of its latest Mac operating system were able to gain entry to the computer without the use of a password.


Security is fundamental to everyone who is using the web especially on a daily basis like the majority of us who can’t live without going online every day because of our #FOMO and undeniable addiction to our smartphones and social media. Apple devices are no longer fool-proof as we used to think it is but is just as vulnerable as any device out there. Just don’t be surprised if you see a rise in complaints from Mac users as we are already starting to see now because there are definitely more to come as hackers give Apple a hard time over the past few months. Services such as will likely increase as users struggle to salvage their precious data and big servers will also do the same thing in order to save and protect the data of all users in the network. At least, Apple still has time to improve their existing security measures to discourage criminals from their endless attempts at sabotaging the company and their services.

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Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Phone Addiction Leads To Miserable Teens

If there is one tech gadget that people can’t live without these days, it is undeniably the smartphone. We hold on to it as if our very lives depend on it. It is the first thing we all look for upon arising and the last thing we tinker with before drifting off to sleep. People will not hesitate to go back home even if they already arrived at their destinations once they find out that they left this useful little modern trinket at home. The very existence of smart technology has transformed the way we live and it is also simultaneously shaping the youth of today without us fully knowing. After all, the environment has a big impact to a person’s growth and development and we can’t deny that everywhere you look is full of technological advancements that promise to make life a breeze for all of us.

Unfortunately, technology has its pros and cons. Since we rave about its perks, we must also accept its drawbacks or resist it altogether if we can’t take it. Even adults have a hard time managing their obsession with these tech gizmos that they often fall prey to this modern addiction what more for the youth who grew up seeing these devices littered in their homes and were exposed to it earlier in life than most adults do. It’s a fact that perhaps it is easier for them to navigate all these progress but it has also exposed them to the many dangers that go alongside modern living. Teens seem to be at the top of the world now when it comes to smartphone use but perhaps it is time to set some limitations after confirming the nasty effect of phone addiction on them.

Smartphones are creating a generation of miserable children, new research has found.

Young people aged 13 to 18 who spend too much time on their phones or playing computer games are unhappier than those who limit their screen time.

Researchers suggest teenagers can boost their happiness and self-esteem by spending less than two hours a day using so-called 'digital media'.

This includes cutting time spent playing computer games, on social media, texting or video chatting.

The scientists, from San Diego State University in California, say young people would lead happier lives if they spent more time exercising and seeing friends face-to-face.


Humans must not be attached to their devices but it’s no longer the case today. Some people will spend a fortune to buy their dream smartphone even if it means they live on a meager salary as they try to pay off any debts they may have accumulated in trying to procure their dream smartphone. Moreover, they lose precious time to foster relationships with the people around them because they are too hooked on whatever they are doing on their phones. This will prove costly as they mature because they have missed out on establishing strong bonds with their family and peers because they didn’t have the time for them back when they were still teens. The youth also get exposed to the countless dangers on the web especially on social media with cases of bullying and pornography that constantly plagues them.

Her newest study, in the book "iGen," provides more backing to that connection, showing that teens who spent more than an hour or two a day interacting with their gadgets were less happy on average than those who had more face time with others. The research was published today in Emotion, a journal by the American Psychological Association.

The study -- which drew from a survey of hundreds of thousands of teens across the US -- also found that roughly 13{42c07f7f4ed3da5e2b17ff80184aca1c09c0d2cc98cfc328fb1b32a3f56d2786} of eighth- and tenth-graders who spent 1 to 2 hours a week on social media said they were "not happy."

For those who responded 10 to 19 hours per week, that number was about 18{42c07f7f4ed3da5e2b17ff80184aca1c09c0d2cc98cfc328fb1b32a3f56d2786}. For those who spent 40 or more hours a week using social media, that number approached 24{42c07f7f4ed3da5e2b17ff80184aca1c09c0d2cc98cfc328fb1b32a3f56d2786}.


Some even dubbed it a mental health crisis if you think about the multitude of teens who are suffering from some sort of anxiety or depression brought about by their tech and social media use. There’s nothing wrong with technology, don’t be mistaken. It’s how we use it that is tainting its image. Hence it is not a good match with the raging hormones of teenagers who feel like they know and can do everything. While it sounds extreme, suicide among teens is high because of the bullying and bashing they get from other people online. It is not too late, though. While organically designed to be an addictive device, parents can still intervene and set a good example for their children when it comes to technology use. Only then can we gradually address this issue before it eats up an entire generation of the human race.

If teens are taught how to use technology right, we no longer have to worry about impractical issues such as smartphone addiction, rather we will be preoccupied with more urgent issues like actual technical glitches that can mess with our work and cause chaos. Education is still key so take the time to go over this to avoid issues arising from because while common now, these devices still cost a small fortune to buy so you’d probably want them to last for as long as they can.

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Saturday, 12 May 2018

Increasing Computer Literacy For The Young Ones

We all acknowledge this widely-accepted truth that the youth is the hope of our nation, of any nation actually. They are the ones who will soon lead the world and shape the future. And seeing how highly global and digital the world is fast becoming, it makes perfect sense to educate the kids to the ins and outs of the computing world so they don’t have a hard time digesting all these facts as they grow up. It’s not even challenging to do that anymore as you can see their genuine interest in these modern contrivances on their own. More often than not, these youngsters know their way on the web than their parents.

This is a great indicator of the changing world we live in. It is very different from the environment most adults today grew up in. And knowing that this is the direction we are all taking, everyone should take computer literacy seriously and integrate this to the education system so manipulating these devices feels like second nature to the youth and they have the knowledge and skills they need to survive in the coming years of digital boom.

Free hands-on, computer programming workshops are underway at the New York Power Authority’s (NYPA) Niagara Power Vista.

The series is called “Sensational Science Saturdays,” and is aimed at children in grades 5-8, although all ages are invited. All classes will be held from 1 to 3 p.m. in the Power Vista Classroom and are limited to 15 participants. Students may participate in one class or the whole series.

3D Printing will be the topic Saturday, while Minecraft is the Jan. 27 class. The Feb. 3 class will focus on Robotics, and JavaScript is on the agenda Feb. 10. Micro Bits will be featured Feb. 17, which will round out Session One.


In different parts of the globe, institutions both private and public are taking initiatives in further educating the youth about digital technology. It is not that big of an issue now as devices are almost always available and the Internet is likewise accessible. Some are even conducted for free and targets some of the underprivileged children who have the potential and likewise show a genuine interest in learning more about tech advancements. With the popularity of the web and of social media, children are already exposed to technology at a young age and they often learn how to use it on their own but they still need formal education and practical application of technology in the real-life setting.

“We’re excited about the opportunity to broaden the access Bermuda’s young people have to the digital learning that will enhance their competitiveness as they progress through school and on to higher education.

“Their exposure to technology, computer science and computational thinking will be an invaluable tool, not only in our young people’s educational development, but in the ongoing development of Bermuda as an international business centre.

“As a company that depends on a sophisticated, multitalented workforce to achieve its mission, and that prefers to hire local talent, this investment in Bermuda’s future workforce and the Island’s overall competitiveness makes good sense for many reasons.


It is but a must to do this because computers already run the world today. In the next few years, we are expected to see more mind-blowing technologies to become our reality. We need the youth of today who are literally our future to have a good grasp of all these technologies because it will ultimately be their own reality. Children with the right set of skills are more globally-competitive and ready to face the modern challenges of our changing times.

Along with what they need to learn is the background knowledge regarding possible problems they may encounter and troubleshooting steps they can do on their own to solve their problem/s. Unfortunately, it may not always work to your liking and some problems may persist despite your gallant efforts in fixing it. Find out how to overcome this problem here and choose from the different data recovery tools you may need and use when worst comes to worst. Hopefully, things will be better later on as digital awareness and computer literacy is at the forefront of 21st-century learning.

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Friday, 4 May 2018

Is An External Hard Drive A Must Buy For You?

Can you imagine the anguish you may feel when you suddenly realize that all your beloved files are gone and never to be seen again? Whether it is from your phone or your computer, the threat of losing data is always there especially if you are not cautious about using your device. You may accidentally delete photos from your gallery or empty your recycle bin only to find out that your life depends on a folder you deleted last week. It really is a major problem especially if you don’t make it a habit to back up your files or you did not have the common sense to buy a backup storage device that can save you out of tricky situations such as this. If you have files stored in another device, then you won’t be that stressed whenever your phone or PC experience tech issues because you know you have the same exact file that is still intact and safe from harm.

Well, if you have the means to buy one, having an external hard drive isn’t only nice to have but a must especially if you are someone who is fond of using the web or have lots of digital files that you need to be stored somewhere without having to constantly worry about it getting stolen or deleted for good. USB sticks are good enough although their storage capacity is far smaller than your usual hard drive, there are newer models that boasts of higher storage without costing as much as the traditional external hard drive sold in the market today. But if you have the cash, it makes perfect sense to invest in a superior quality storage device that can hold more data that can last you a long time.

While much of the world is moving toward cloud storage, a great external hard drive can still be an extremely helpful tool, especially if your internet connection is spotty or you simply want to move files around without having to rely on cloud storage.

Of course, there are a ton of external hard drives to choose from, and they’re not all equal. A lot of work and development has gone into building on storage technology over the last few years, and as such, they’ve gotten a lot better.

There are a few things to keep in mind when you’re in the market for a new portable hard drive. For starters, you’ll want to consider the type of hard drive you want.


Some of the factors you may want to look into when buying an external hard drive is storage amount, type of storage (HHD or SSD), operating system, and connection among others. You’ll have to know your preferences for these things first before even scouting the market for your external hard drive of choice. It will save you from headaches later on when you find out something about your device that you weren’t aware of or prepared for early on. But despite your hesitations, there is one thing that is clear, you need to get one if not for the peace of mind it can give you concerning your stored data that keeps on growing by the minute.

Using an external hard drive is an affordable way to back up data on your PC and keep it safe from system crashes and other potential problems. Here's everything you need to know when looking to buy one.

Storing absolutely everything on your PC can be handy if you have space to accommodate it all, but even if you don't slow your Windows installation down to a halt, you'll be running the risk of losing everything stored on the PC if you do not backup. The easiest (and most affordable) way of backing things up on your PC and hosting media files on the go is an external hard drive. This can come in the form of a traditional mechanical Hard Disk Drive (HDD) or a new Solid State Drive (SSD).


Whether you are online or offline, you can effortlessly access your files from your external hard drive because you do not need an Internet connection to do it. It’s just there, stored exactly where you left it. Moreover, you only have to pay for the device itself one time and no more recurring fees for your data storage unlike when you use cloud-based storage services that charge you depending on how much data you save and store in it for the month. Personally, individuals aren’t thrilled at the thought of having to add something to their bill each month since it is such a financial burden but it is not the case if you go with a physical external hard drive that you only pay for once – upon purchase.

With an external hard drive, you lessen the stress you may experience once your device starts to malfunction because you know that the same data you have stored there is safely saved somewhere. But nevertheless, it helps to know about the following issues concerning hard drive use and because while external hard drives may save you from a data emergency, it is still vulnerable to bugs or physical damage if you don’t take care of it properly.

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Monday, 30 April 2018

The Costly Business Of Data Recovery

The modern world we live in thrives on big data. We already lost track of the number of devices we use on our own, at home, or in public and we likewise access various online platforms for school, work, and recreation. Social media is so popular that it has become an extension of our personal lives. Not only that, we take so many pictures, videos, and all sorts of multimedia that we have files stored on our phones, computers, handy flash drives, or even up in the clouds. However, life is not always a bed of roses. Technical problems arise either by accident or over time. The issue now is now everyone has prior tech knowledge on how to deal with these problems and they may end up paying more than necessary for data recovery services in their desperate attempt to retrieve their lost files.

Data recovery services can be offered to individuals, groups, or organizations and it usually comes at a hefty price. However, it is a precaution everything is taking now with the rising prevalence of online bugs like malware that threatens to steal other people’s information and valuable data that is not always replaceable. It is why these services become more popular because there is a high demand for it and people are willing to shell out the cash as long as they don’t lose any more of their precious data. Big organizations even the ones running the cloud invest in reliable data recovery services because they understand the value of data both to them and their customers. As we all know, disasters can strike anywhere and anytime of the day both manmade and natural, so the least we can do is to be prepared for the time when it comes and to have a backup plan in place.

Backup, disaster recovery, and virtualisation management firm Veeam has announced the acquisition of N2WS, a Florida-based enterprise backup and disaster recovery firm focused on Amazon Web Services (AWS) workloads.

The all-cash deal, valued at $42.5 million, is expected to strengthen Veeam's disaster recovery offering, combining Veeam's existing capabilities in protecting virtual, physical, and cloud environments with N2WS' AWS-specific data protection.


The digital game is robust and strong. If the rise of services like this is any indication that we all take data seriously, so is data recovery. It simply follows that we don’t want to lose the data we have created, taken, and have saved because of technical glitches or a lack of foresight on our part. If you are not careful enough, you may lose years’ worth of memories and have all your files gone in a snap. It is even more crucial now that most processes and services are web and cloud-based. Businesses and organizations must be cautious in securing their data or face costly consequences and the wrath of their customers, something that has happened quite often than we wanted to in the past years.

Veeam has struck a takeover deal to boost its cloud-centred enterprise availability for AWS workloads. Veeam shook hands on a $42.5m all-cash buyout of N2WS, an Iaas data protection firm specialising in disaster recovery solutions with Amazon cloud.

As part of the deal, N2WS will continue to exist as a standalone organisation with its main offices in Edinburgh, UK as well as premises in Florida, US and Haifa, Israel. Jason Judge will stay as CEO of the business and all teams are to stay intact. Cloud-native enterprise backup specialists at N2WS are poised to strengthen Veeam’s ability to protect AWS deployments for business.

Iaas is the fastest-growing cloud segment, with the market set to hit $88bn by 2022. Big hitter AWS leads the sector, standing astride 44.2{42c07f7f4ed3da5e2b17ff80184aca1c09c0d2cc98cfc328fb1b32a3f56d2786} of the market, according to the latest figures from Gartner. Companies across the board are demanding improved data protection guarantees to reduce costly downtime.


You can’t just ignore the risks anymore when you see malware attacks occurring in all parts of the globe more often now. No need to be surprised anymore of major investments like this since it is a must for everyone to protect their businesses especially that it involves working on people’s data 24/7. People will feel at ease working with these businesses if they feel that they can trust them with their personal details that it will be there when they need it and that unauthorized people won’t be able to access it without their permission.

If they do their job well, then they no longer have to worry about common complaints most tech users experience. Pricing for data recovery is here: and Even smaller servers may experience data loss now and then especially when 3rd-parties try to bypass security measures they put in place and retrieve files they want to exploit and use for their own benefit.

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Computer Education Is For Everyone

It may seem that everyone is pretty savvy in using the computer seeing how it has invaded the planet. It is the case if you live in progress...