Wednesday, 15 May 2019

Hard Drive Recovery Group Talks SSD Upgrades, Data Restore In Latest Blog Posts

In its latest blog, Hard Drive Recovery Group discusses Western Digital SSD drives and their strong performance, which makes them a solid upgrade for most older computer users.

An aging computer can be greatly upgraded by installing an SSD drive, something that Hard Drive Recovery Group recommends partially for performance, but also for data safety.

"When it comes to consumer data recovery, there is really no more critical cause of physical hard drive crash than drive age," said Maureen Davies, spokesperson for Hard Drive Recovery Group. "The classic spindle and platter drive will fail eventually, but few consumers expect this. As a result, most of our consumer level hard drive recoveries are on drives five years older or more."

SSD, or Solid State Drives, are one of the rare upgrades that desktop users can make very easily, without any need to consider replacing things like RAM or a motherboard. Drive installation and replacement can certainly be more difficult for laptop users, but for most consumers, going from an HDD to SSD can virtually renew the system in terms of speed.

One of the additional bonuses of upgrading to an SSD is that as of May 2019, NAND flash components, which are the foundation of SSDs, are expected to reach all time low prices. According to a recent press release by DRAMeXchange, it is possible that 512GB SSD/prices per GB could fall to below 10 cents.

"If you happen to be in the market for an upgrade either to an SSD or from a smaller SSD, planning for a purchase over the next year is probably a very good idea," said Davies. "Pricing will likely continue to go down over the longer term, but right now seems to be a sweet spot."

Despite their strong performance when compared to conventional hard disk drives, it is important to note that SSDs are just as prone to failure. Adding to that is the fact that not every data recovery service can actually recover them from failure.

"Hard Drive Recovery Group does offer SSD data recovery, but it is not uncommon for less established data recovery companies to not offer the service," said Davies. "In the end, it is critical to understand that no matter the type of hard drive, having a consistent backup plan using both offline and online avenues is the best way to avoid data loss."

In another blog post, entitled Defining Data Restore, Hard Drive Recovery Group tackles the issue of restoring backups - something not a lot of consumers have experience with, yet something that any practitioner of consistent backups should understand.

Backups are easily the top way to avoid the issues that come with data loss, but many backup software programs are more complicated than they need to be. A better avenue is often simply purchasing an equivalent size hard drive to the drive that needs to be backed up. Then, the user can easily purchase a drive cloner for under $50 and effectively image the drive.

"Although they aren't commonplace at all nowadays, there was a time when backups were frankly more prone to failure than actual hard drives," said Davies, addressing old school storage technologies like Zip and Jaz drives, as well as backup tapes. "Now, an extra $150 spent can get you a simple, software-free way to completely image your hard drive whenever you want with very little technical know-how."

Outside of extremely rare cases of tape data recovery, Hard Drive Recovery Group almost never hears from customers that have had a failed backup. Again, cheaper storage technologies mean a person can grab a modern 2TB external drive for under $75, which can make hard drive failures more of an annoyance than something that requires professional data recovery help.

"Like anything technical, the best move when you are working out the details of a backup plan is to keep it simple," said Davies. "The fact is, the less onerous the data backup plan, the more likely you are to stick to it consistently."

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