Wednesday, 5 June 2019

Hard Drive Recovery Group Discusses Data Analysis And Data Protection With Latest Blogs

Data recovery service provider Hard Drive Recovery Group discusses the differences between data analysis and data visualization with its latest blog post.

As the corporate world continues to mine and find new ways to work with data, analysis has become a large sector for people with backgrounds in computer science and mathematics. This has resulted in a reasonable number of new jobs in a variety of sectors.

"Data analysis is no longer the classic 'nerd in a cave' sector that it used to be," said Maureen Davies, spokesperson for Hard Drive Recovery Group. "As corporations have begun to see the potential and profit hidden within their company and customer data, they are looking for self-starters and high achievers - ones that happen to know how to work and analyze data to create results."

Data visualization, meanwhile, tends to focus on the actual visual presentation of data, whether it be through charts, graphs or others pictorial forms. The goal of any solid data visualization expert is to make data analysis conclusions very simple to decipher for the reader that may not be completely familiar with the original study.

"Data visualization is one of those skills that allow executives and sales people to understand pretty complex data sets quickly and without a lot of background," said Davies. "These creators can be huge in terms of presenting findings from data analysis that would never be very obvious to the layman."

During the month of May, Hard Drive Recovery Group tackled a variety of subjects in its blog, starting out the month discussing data loss and backups.

"As a data recovery company, we are always surprised by new causes and symptoms of data loss that computer users seem to come up with on a daily basis," said Davies. "In the end, proper backup plans are by far the absolute best way to avoid data loss, and we recommend that every computer or smartphone user create one and stick to it."

In another post, the company addressed both RAID and NAS systems, as well as new TSA regulations that will soon allow laptop users to keep their computer in their case during security checks.

"When it comes to air travel, one of the biggest bottlenecks when it comes to time and delays has got to be pre-boarding security," said Davies. "Any ways that the TSA can lessen the time it takes for each individual passenger to get through security is going to have a major effect across the board."

Another blog post references the popularity of SSD drives as well as restoring backups - the latter a process that few people tend to discuss.

"By far one of the most overlooked things when it comes to backing up data is testing the actual backup file itself," said Davies. "There truly is nothing worse than losing a hard drive due to mechanical failure, and then going to your backup only to discover that the file is corrupt or that the backup process was somehow faulty."

Backing up hard drives is one of those tasks that has been made quite easy as of late by newer advances in backup software both as paid for applications and as freeware. To add to this ease is the fact that external hard drives are now in the 4-5TB range, which is more than enough for almost all consumers that don't count video as a major part of their data.

"The great thing about the new external drives is that you can literally take all of your data anywhere," said Davies. "This can be a double edged sword, of course, which is why we recommend a backup drive stay put in a closet or in a place where it can always be accessed for backups on the go."

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