Wednesday, 28 August 2019

RAID Data Recovery Services Provider Discusses Macs, Clean Up And Deleted Files In New Posts

In two of its recent blog posts, Hard Drive Recovery talks about file system maintenance, computer cleanup and restoring deleted files from a USB drive using a Mac system. The posts continue the RAID data recovery service's dedication to customer education, of particular concern in the Mac world, where there is often far less technical information available for novice users.

In the post, "Practical Ways To Clean Up Your Mac", Hard Drive Recovery Group discusses freeing up space on a Mac system - particularly important as Macs rarely provide the opportunity to either upgrade to a larger hard drive or add an additional internal hard disk to the system. Items like old documents and videos as well as duplicate files can become a major space hog on any Mac system, so searching them out and deleting them can do wonders for the user.

"There are not as many file management applications for Macs in general, but the ones that are available tend to be quite usable for minor file clean up," said Maureen Davies, spokesperson for Hard Drive Recovery Group. "Each and every day computers tend to pile up files on their drives, so scheduled maintenance is critical for a smooth running machine."

The article also addresses the idea of moving larger or rarely used hard drives to alternative storage media, such as an external hard drive or the cloud. This technique tends to be very valuable, as some of the largest files that a user has stored are frequently the ones that are used the least.

"Easily one of the biggest disk space hogs on virtually any personal computer system tends to be video files, mainly because they tend to be so incredibly large," said Davies. "Fortunately, it is rare to constantly need all video files on an internal hard drive, so it is better to move those to a USB or external drive. The savings can be immense!"

In a second blog post, entitled, "Recovering Deleted Files From USB: Can You Do It On Mac?", discusses how some Mac users are making use of a software called Disk Drill 3 to recover accidentally deleted files from a USB storage device. The software has been very popular among Mac users, and boasts a fairly good set of reviews.

"While Hard Drive Recovery Group data recovery engineers rarely recommend data recovery software for potential customers because of the vastness of the market and the potential for malfunctioning or even damaging software, Disk Drill 3 is a reasonable package," said Davies. "Again, considering that the Mac iOS is such a smaller software ecosystem than that of Microsoft's Windows, programs like this are much harder to come by for the typical Mac user."

The Disk Drill 3 software not only offers minor file and data recovery features; it also offers other solid file management tools such as the ability to find and delete duplicate files, as well as a strong backup feature. Essentially, it is one of the most robust, yet safest data recovery software products on the market for Macs.

"Obviously, if a user encounters a full-on catastrophic physical hard disk failure, a product like Disk Drill 3 is simply not going to be effective at all," said Davies. "But, for minor accidental deletions, this is a reasonable product that at least is going to protect deleted files from being overwritten."

As a RAID data recovery provider, Hard Drive Recovery Group does stress that data recovery software should really only be used on single disk, personal systems. RAID arrays and other complex multi-disk setups for business, says Davies, should only be examined and repaired by data recovery professionals, as the data on these systems tends to be quite valuable.

from Hard Drive Recovery Group

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