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Specialists In Data Recovery Services Describe Common Scenarios That Lead To Data Loss

Hard Drive Recovery Group, based in Irvine, California, has discussed some of the most common scenarios that lead to data loss in a recent blog entry. While the company specializes in the recovery of sensitive information, they maintain that the best approach is always to be proactive and avoid the risk of data loss altogether. The article is titled, ‘5 Horrifying Scenarios That Lead To Data Loss,’ and can be found on their website.

Maureen Davies, a spokesperson for Hard Drive Recovery Group, states, "Over the years, we have had many cases where a customer comes to us with an issue that could have been easily prevented. In most cases their data is compromised due to malware and, occasionally, we get a client who accidentally deleted the info. Losing your sensitive information can be very stressful and, if you are a business, this is intensified even further. However, the most important part of this process is to learn from it, and we are committed to helping our customers in this aspect as well."

The company's article explains that the first situation that everyone should be aware of is a hardware failure. More than 140,000 hard drives fail every week, compromising the user's information and putting them in a dire situation. Depending on the cause of the failure, the data recovery process may not be possible, as these are delicate pieces of technology that are not designed to be repaired.

Regardless of this, an experienced individual can salvage most of the sensitive information, helping their client get back on track with the most crucial information while they continue working to recover the rest. The typical causes for such failure include overheating, mechanical issues, human misuse, or the equipment being dropped. The earliest signs of hard drive failure are screen freezes, grinding noises coming from the computer, and an overall slower response carrying out regular tasks.

Another common scenario that causes a significant amount of data losses is malware attacks or viruses. While most people use antiviruses and other applications that claim to defend the user, these measures can only protect them to a certain extent, and users are never fully protected. Furthermore, hackers continue to develop their malware to bypass antiviruses every day, and chances are that, regardless of the type of protection used, there will always be a new type of virus preying on the unaware. The best way to prevent an unwanted infiltration is to restrict internet travel to secured websites and avoiding sites that appear suspicious or untrustworthy altogether.

Malware threats tie closely to another common cause of data loss: hacker attacks. Hacking and data breaches have become more common in recent years as more individuals seek new ways to take advantage of others online. As with malware, preventing hacker attacks is not a concrete science, and the best practices include the use of adequate firewalls and keeping passwords secure.

While there are several other scenarios that could lead to data loss, HDRG notes that these are the most common. However, whether data loss can occur due to the aforementioned causes or by another entirely, the company states that the best way to prevent data loss is to get into the habit of creating up-to-date backups. Having a copy stored safely in a third party location is the best way to ensure the well-being of sensitive data, regardless of what may happen to the original files.

The ideal option would be to have a physical copy of all crucial data stored in an external drive, in addition to another copy stored online via a cloud service. Taking these steps will ensure that any irreplaceable data can easily be retrieved in the unfortunate event of data loss, whether it is vital to keep a business running or simply a fond memory.

Even if it is too late to develop a backup plan for sensitive information, receiving help from a professional can go a long way in recovering the data. Hard Drive Recovery Group is one of the most successful data recovery specialists in California, having served the community for over 15 years. They state that, if anyone can retrieve sensitive data from a failing hard drive, it is them.

HDRG's services include data recovery for Basic HDDs, RAID Servers, and Apple And Mac systems. The company provides free quotes to their clients, presenting them with a preliminary diagnosis of their devices. Those who would like to learn more may contact Maureen Davies of Hard Drive Recovery Group to make further inquiries.

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