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Top Data Recovery Services Provider Publishes New Blog Post On Internal And External Drives

Irvine, CA based Hard Drive Recovery Group (HDRG) has announced the publication of a new blog post titled “How Do Internal And External Hard Drives Differ?” The firm has a number of experts who provide many informative articles through their website’s blog, which in turn are featured on many online sites. Their range of data recovery services can often recover data where other firms fail. The new post is only one in a series they have recently released that aims to help computer users and business managers understand how to address many common data-related issues.

Hard drive failure is a key risk for any individual, business, or government entity that relies upon it like a digital filing cabinet for all their information. In the modern era, virtually everyone uses online banking services, and they keep similarly vital information on a laptop or smartphone. This makes it important for them to understand the risks associated with doing so. The new post helps those who may not have considered the issue before to understand some of the key differences between digital and physical forms of storage.

Every device, whether a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop, relies upon a hard drive to store its data. The main difference between internal and external hard drives is their location. Internal and external drives have different installations set ups, and unless the user knows what they are doing, replacing a laptop or desktop hard drive can be a highly complicated process.

Users may also be interested to learn that, due to their “bus” connection with the motherboard, internal drives are designed to operate much faster than an external drive (which usually plugs into a USB port). The faster the connection, the faster users can download/upload files.

HDRG provides hard disk recovery services for every type of hard drive. In a previous release, they commented on Apple’s decision to keep Mac Pro production in America. In the post Maureen Davies, a representative for Hard Drive Recovery Group, is quoted saying, “Recently, there were claims that Apple was considering moving the Mac Pro production to China to be closer to their suppliers, but let’s be honest, it’s less about being closer to their suppliers and more about saving money by paying people hundreds of dollars less per day.”

Apple has made the decision to retain production in Austin, Texas. Davies concluded, “Still, while it’s not exactly what we would call a ‘victory’ for American workers, we should give Apple some credit. True, the Mac Pro’s manufacture location has little to do with ‘saving American jobs,’ but it is a rare move these days and we should all commend it.”

As a prominent company that services products from every manufacturer, HDRG has a lot of experience with HDDs and SSDs of all makes and models, as well as phones on both the Android and iOS platforms. Their services focus on three primary types of hard disk recovery: External Drive and Laptop recoveries, Server and RAID Data Recovery, and Mac Data Recovery. The firm also provides a free evaluation via a toll free number, available 24/7 every day of the year.

Their reputation is backed up by their customers in their online reviews. For example, Ilario Potter gave them top marks in their recent Google review, saying, “Called these guys after my local tech guy told me there was no way I could recover my drive without clean room data recovery. The data recovery service lab was fast, close by, and quite detailed in their updates. The whole thing was very seamless, and I had my data back faster than promised. Five star place, for sure!”

HDRG invites all their customers to leave their reviews online on their preferred platform. Speaking on behalf of HDRG, Maureen Davies stated, “We know how important it is to get back to business as quickly as possible when a hard drive fails. Our everyday work in the data recovery space enables us to provide high end, top notch hard drive recovery at a very low price. Over 95% of our customers leave very happy that 100% of their data has been recovered. Seeing their feedback online really makes our day!”

The firm is one of the few who back up their service with a simple guarantee: no data recovered, no charge. No matter how extreme the cause of the data loss, be it minor mechanical failure all the way up to major water or fire damage, there is always a solution that will ensure that valuable data can be retrieved safely and effectively.

Those in the unfortunate situation of experiencing a hard drive failure are encouraged to call the company to take advantage of their free evaluation. Social media users may also stay up to date with HDRG’s news on the company's Facebook page. To learn more about Hard Drive Recovery Group and the services they offer, visit the company’s website.

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