Thursday, 14 November 2019

Data Recovery Services Provider Takes A Peek Under iOS 13’s Hood

Irvine, CA based Hard Drive Recovery Group (HDRG) recently published a blog post exploring iOS 13, the long-awaited refresh to Apple’s native phone software. Succeeding iOS 12, iOS 13 was made available to all iPhone users for free on September 19, 2019. As avid tech enthusiasts, HDRG has taken their time delving into the new OS, or Operating System, and all it has to offer. Their readers may catch up on any articles they missed by reading their previous release and more on the company’s blog.

According to the article, “Although Android has the upper hand when it comes to newer features like 5G, iPhones are being built better than they were. Apple continues to work on what they’re good at: cameras and apps. And the new iOS 13 will make it even better.” Android is an operating system that is used almost universally by other cell phone manufacturers, and is considered the main competitor to Apple’s iOS. Those deciding between one or the other should be aware that not all Android phones are created equal, and manufacturers often modify the base Android OS to their own preferences and specifications.

However, the article only explores iOS 13, so it continues by covering a list of features that Hard Drive Recovery Group found within, beginning with the ability to block unknown callers and prevent them from calling the number again in the future. With the feature turned on, an iPhone with iOS 13 will now allow only callers from the user’s contacts to get through (including those stored in Mail and Messages). All other callers will be instantly redirected to voicemail.

Next, long time iOS users may be aware that they had to navigate through their Settings menu to toggle their Wifi. With the new update, however, they can now switch Wifi networks with much less hassle. Conveniently, it can now be reached quickly through the phone’s Control Center, and users can lookup available networks right away. While some users may not see much difference, this feature gives people who frequently need to switch Wifi networks some much needed relief from constantly having to open their Settings, such as those who travel often. Find more information on HDRG's MyBusiness site.

Adding to the theme of increased user functionality, Apple has also adopted a feature that has long been a standard on Android devices: Swipe to type. Dubbed ‘QuickPath Typing’ by Apple, a user may now run their finger along the entirety of the keyboard, between letters, and never lift their finger while typing. This allows better one-handed use, especially with Apple’s larger phones, because the user can now maintain their grip better while typing. However, some users’ mileage may vary, since the system also relies on predictive text to decide what the user is trying to type in. Notably, this feature should also get better with extended use as the user becomes more comfortable with the technology and the phone learns which words they tend to use more frequently.

Additionally, those who are in the habit of using their phones in bed, or who simply enjoy darker themes, will be pleased to see that iOS 13 includes a dedicated Dark Mode by default, an alternative to their Night Shift feature. Instead of lessening blue light output from the phone’s display, all light screens in the phone’s core apps are now replaced with dark versions. This applies to the calendar, music, photo apps, and so on.

Apple has also taken measures to upgrade their phone’s security suite. iPhone users will now be able to ‘Sign in with Apple,’ a feature that excludes the necessity for a user to input their email address when they sign in to accounts and apps. According to Apple, this means that users will be afforded extra protection since third party apps will now have a much harder time tracking them and their activities.

HDRG invites iPhone users to read the full blog post over on their website, where they often share articles on a variety of subjects in the tech world. Those interested may reach out to Maureen Davies of Hard Drive Recovery Group as well to follow up on any further inquiries. Additionally, more information can be found here.

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