Tuesday, 26 November 2019

Data Recovery Services Provider Publishes Blog Post On Freeing Up Data In Windows 10

In a recent blog post, Irvine, California's Hard Drive Recovery Group discusses tips and tricks to free up disk space in Windows 10. A second blog post discusses the Family safety parental controls in Windows 10, a common way to restrict children from reading or viewing adult material. These posts and others demonstrate the company's dedication to customer education particularly when it comes to the Windows 10 operating system, which remains the most popular OS for laptops and desktop computers across North America.

In the post, "Steps On How To Manually Free Some Space In Your Windows 10", HDRG talks about some simple searches any user can do to determine where there are storage shortfalls in the system, which lessens the need for data recovery. By "sorting files by size", as an example, it is quite simple for the average Windows user to simply delete excessively large files, such as video or large photos, and free up a good amount of disk space.

"While using File Explorer is extremely common for heavier Windows 10 users, many folks do not understand that it is the most powerful and transparent way to look at a hard drive available," said Maureen Davies, spokeperson for Hard Drive Recovery Group. "This is really not that advanced of an application, and it provides more information about a file system that simply is not available elsewhere."

HDRG also references another space-freeing technique in the post, namely to attempt to eliminate programs and games that are rarely or never used. Applications tend to fill the majority of space on a typical Windows drive, and many are installed as a batch or attachment to other programs. As a result, many people do not see how many apps are actually installed and are taking up space. Video games with high definition graphics tend to take up the largest amount of space in this category.

"While a lot of apps are not longer that big of a deal in an era of multi-terabyte hard disk drives, one of the major space hogs tends to be high end video games," said Davies. "Some of these games can install hundreds of gigabytes of space, so if they are not being played commonly, they can virtually take over a hard disk drive."

In a second post entitled "Protect Your Family With Windows 10", Hard Drive Recovery Group describes how to set up parental controls on a Windows 10 machine by setting up individual users. Once individual users are set up, including the "child users", it is very simple to set up controls over access to the web or specific files.

"Although the need to sign into a Microsoft-specific account does create a variety of privacy issues, the exchange is of course that a child will be blocked from viewing adult oriented material," said Davies. "Most parents tend to think that the reward is worth the risk, particularly as children need this protection."

Another excellent feature of Windows 10 enables a parent to limit the amount of screen time a user can have on a machine per day. This is particularly important in a world where children constantly move from smart phone to tablet to PC while avoiding physical activities.

The "recent activities" area of the Family Safety Center provides a great way for parents to monitor exactly what web pages, apps and activities their children are seeing. It's a great way to understand a child's computer usage on a specific level.

"Windows 10's parental features can be particularly key for parents that are not always around," said Davies. "In a society where both parents generally have to work, it's nice to know that Windows is watching your children's computer activities."

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