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Data Recovery Expert Discusses The Power Of Google Drive, Computer Efficiency

Southern California data recovery services expert Hard Drive Recovery Group has published two recent blog posts, one on the Google Drive application sphere, and one on the parts of personal computers that can make a performance difference. The posts continue the company's goal to keep customers well informed not only on protecting their data, but also on operating a computer efficiently.

In the post, "Why Use Google Notes When Taking Notes", HDRG discusses Google Docs, which are an exemplary option for almost anyone working on the web today. While certainly it isn't the best way to keep deeply private notes, as with anything on Google, it does have a number of solid features that make stand alone desktop word processing programs not only obsolete, but often irrelevant.

Organization is the key to operating with Google Drive, but fortunately the best feature of storing any kind of document, presentation or note there is in fact the search function. The Drive feature also allows users to share documents with only specific users, which makes for an excellent collaboration tool.

"While it's unlikely Google Docs will ever supplant Microsoft Office, it does a lot of things that the latter program does, except free of charge," said Maureen Davies, spokesperson for Hard Drive Recovery Group. "This seems to follow Google's pattern of offering free products in exchange for access to personal information. For some people, this is quite worth it."

The post also mentions the Google Docs research tool, which unsurprisingly integrates with search functions to enable a user to research terms and ideas while documents are being prepared. It too is available freely to anyone that has an Internet connection and a Google account.

In a second blog post, entitled, "What Influences Computer Efficiency", HDRG references the key components of any personal computer, and discusses the speed factor for each.

"Every once and a while it's important to put out a blog post that explains computers at their most basic level, if only because there are a lot of people out there that do not understand them," said Davies. "When it comes to maintaining a computer system over the long term, knowledge is definitely power."

The article (read more here) notes some of the bottlenecks in most computer systems when it comes to speed and data processing performance. Easily the most important bottleneck in any computer tends to be the hard disk drive. These drives tend to be much slower than solid state drives, or SSD, and can greatly affect the computer's overall speed.

"When a computer is using an older hard disk drive, it is almost automatically slower than a system that uses an SSD," said Davies. "In terms of overall performance boost, nothing is better than to upgrade from HDD to SSD."

The article also references RAM (Random Access Memory) and video cards, which tend to round out the components most responsible for performance increases and decreases. These components are particularly important when the computer is required to do high-intensity processing tasks such as editing video and playing today's serious video games. And while upgrading a video card is critical mostly for game play, RAM is something that very few systems can get enough of.

"While personal computers have greatly increased the level of performance and speed they offer a typical user over the past 10 years, typically software has not necessarily kept up," said Davies. "But, with Windows 10 having such a large footprint, and the multitasking needs of many folks, you really cannot get enough RAM."

Hard Drive Recovery Group does not repair computers per se, but the company offers emergency data recovery in cases of physical hard drive failure or hard disk clicking scenarios. They offer free hard drive evaluations over the phone, as well as at their Irvine, CA laboratory.

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