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Hard Drive Recovery Group Offers Data Recovery Services

Irvine, CA based Hard Drive Recovery Group recently published a post explaining how computer users may speed up their Windows 10 system. A universal problem faced by PC users is the fact that their computers will often slow down over time due to a variety of reasons. Hard Drive recovery group recently published a blog post that explores how users may deal with some of the problems they might face when using Windows 10, especially problems concerning speed.

“By being around for four years now since its release, Windows 10 proves that it is unquestionably a proficient operating system from Microsoft. Compared to previous versions though, updates are now mandatory,” says Hard Drive Recovery Group. The actual update can cause lag but generally won’t take too long to finish unless the user has delayed updates for too long. Updates are generally meant to address system issues that may be plaguing one’s computer and slowing it down, but there are other ways in which one can speed up their computer and improve its performance.

If one’s computer has extra software, it might be in the interest of speed to simply uninstall them. One can download or buy almost any software on the internet but, if one does not use a particular piece of software, it may be better to simply uninstall the software. “Redundant programs take up space on your hard drive and can reduce performance,” the article says. The process of removing unnecessary programs is relatively simple, and almost anyone with basic knowledge regarding computers can get it done quickly.

Another factor that may reduce the speed of computers that run Windows 10 can be found in the graphics settings. Windows 10 features very detailed, beautiful graphics and animations that serve to give the Operating System its visual appeal. The issue is that these graphics and animations can affect performance even though they are in no way essential to the system’s function. Removing these extra graphics and animations is a very easy task and can greatly increase the performance of one’s computer.

Anyone looking to really increase the speed of their computer can choose to increase the amount of RAM in their system as well. “Your PC’s overall speed can be hugely improved by increasing the amount of virtual memory (RAM),” says Hard Drive Recovery Group’s article. “Windows 10 requires a minimum of 4GB to run smoothly, although this does not take into account resource hungry applications such as video games. The easiest solution to this is to install more RAM. Your PC has a certain number of RAM ‘slots’ into which you can insert chips. To determine the type of memory your machine uses, open Task Manager (Ctrl + Alt + Del), then click ‘Performance.’ The system will display any memory slots in use as well as the type in use (eg: DDR4).” For more information on boosting the performance of one’s computer, read Hard Drive Recovery Group’s recent post.

Hard Drive Recovery Group offers data recovery services that are completely warranty safe and secure. The company employs a number of highly trained technicians with the skills and knowledge necessary to swiftly recover customers’ data. The data recovery company recovers 98% of the hard drives they are asked to salvage. They have recovered data from systems using hardware and software configurations by Compaq, Dell and many others. The data recovery company takes pride in their versatility and simplicity—and their methods of data recovery reflect this ethos.

“This company has more than 25 years of experience handling issues like RAID failure, hard drive crash and laptop drive failures with leading edge data recovery techniques,” says HDRG. “HDRG boasts hundreds and thousands of satisfied clients who experience various types of issues with hard disk drives, such as fire and flood data loss and accidental loss—many of which were thought to be unrecoverable due to the damage that was inflicted upon them. Due to the top quality data recovery services provided to customers, however, they have got a customer retention rate of 99%, and they have also received over 80% customer referrals from the customers they have served previously.”

Read more about Hard Drive Recovery Group online through any of the above links. Those interested can also check out their previous release, which goes into further detail on the subject of data recovery.

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