Thursday, 13 February 2020

Data Recovery Services Company Discusses The Microsoft Edge Browser

Hard Drive Recovery Group’s (HDRG) has just published an article on one of the lesser used web browsers out there: Microsoft Edge.

In the post, “Microsoft Edge: How To Use It”, Hard Drive Recovery Group discusses how you can use Microsoft Edge for your daily web browsing tasks. Despite being on the lower side in terms of usage share, Microsoft Edge still boasts an impressive toolkit when it comes to web browser functionality. It contains many of the same features that can be found in more popular web browsers such as Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, putting it up there in terms of functionality and security.

For quite a while, until the launch of Microsoft Edge in 2015, the default web browser for Windows was Internet Explorer which attained a peak of 95% usage share among web browsers in 2003. This usage share fell promptly after the release of Mozilla Firefox in 2004 and Google Chrome in 2008. This decline in usage share was a product of better alternatives due to lack of innovation and improvement, which is why Internet Explorer today is widely famed as a ridiculously slow and buggy web browser. This has been addressed in recent releases from HDRG.

Maureen Davies, speaking for HDRG, states, “Usually, for Windows users, because of the stigma around the default Windows web browser, one of the first steps people take upon purchasing a new computer or reformatting their own is to download a web browser other than the default.”

In 2015, Microsoft announced that Microsoft Edge would replace Internet Explorer as the default web browser for all its Windows 10 devices, a vastly improved version of its predecessor.

Some key features that Microsoft Edge proudly incorporates as part of its interface are bookmark importing, Cortana (Microsoft’s own virtual productivity assistant), a distraction-free Reading View, and, most importantly, a way to block cookies, pop-ups, and trackers, all great ways to prevent the infiltration of malware from internet sources. Additionally, since Microsoft Edge aims for a fully customizable experience, all of these features can be enabled or disabled according to the user’s preference, giving way to a more productive and satisfying user experience.

“Unfortunately, despite Microsoft Edge’s undeniable superiority to its predecessor, its market share still falls flat from today’s web browser giants,” said Davies. “Microsoft Edge still stands at 5.77% which is even lower than Internet Explorer today, at 7.26%.”

One problem that had been troubling internet users over the years about Internet Explorer was its security and its conformance to industry standards, both of which were relatively lackluster. Among these issues was that malware writers were specifically targeting Internet Explorer as a medium to distribute their malware because of its poor security.

Microsoft Edge has now eliminated those issues and now boasts superior functionality. Despite this, the issue of data loss still persists. In the same way that anti-virus and anti-malware software are improving to combat these malicious software, malware are also constantly being updated and equipped to bypass browser security. This presents a major threat to all businesses and organizations who depend on their data to operate.

Davies comments, “Data loss can cause panic among a lot of people. It poses a major threat for any business or individual. Whether it involves important emails, financial reports, or precious family memories, losing data has huge repercussions on our daily lives. This is precisely why Hard Drive Recovery Group encourages you to contact them even if another data recovery service has advised you that your hard drive is beyond recovery. “

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