Tuesday, 10 March 2020

Hard Drive Recovery Group Discusses Laptop Options For 2020

Hard Drive Recovery Group (HDRG), a data recovery firm based in Irvine, CA, has published an article discussing how consumers can choose a laptop based on their personal interests or professional needs.

In the post, “The Search For The Laptop That’s Right For You”, HDRG discusses how a user in the market for a new laptop can decide on purchasing one that fits their needs.

The article separates laptop users into four categories based on their laptop usage and preferences.

Casual Surfer

HDRG define these casual surfers as those who “mostly prefer style over function”. Since these users mostly use their laptops for surfing or social media, there is no need for a hardware-focused device. HDRG recommends that these more casual users purchase a Chromebook. The main difference between a Chromebook and a laptop being that a Chromebook is generally less powerful in terms of hardware but more energy efficient and less costly. This makes it a more practical alternative for the casual surfer.


Since students work long hours to complete assignments and requirements, HDRG recommends that students purchase a budget laptop. Budget laptops generally provide the longer battery life and larger storage space that students need to get schoolwork done at extremely affordable prices.

Frequent Travellers

Users such as journalists, writers, and vloggers tend to travel a lot. Because of this, these users will typically appreciate mobility rather than performance. For these users, HDRG recommends that these people buy a hybrid (i.e. a 2-in-1 tablet and laptop). Hybrids can satisfy the user’s need for mobility while still providing the functionality they need to complete their daily workload. In addition to having the same functionality as a laptop, hybrids are lightweight and easier to carry around for long commutes and frequent traveling.


Video game developers continue to push the limits of computer hardware, developing games that demand more and more power out of today’s computers. Fortunately, laptops are keeping up. Memory-intensive video games no longer need to be played on a heavy-duty PC at home. Instead, gamers can choose from a variety of just-as-powerful laptops to satisfy their gaming needs. When looking for a gaming laptop, HDRG advises users to look for one with an adequate graphics processing unit (GPU) and memory (RAM) depending on the type of games they want to play.


Users who need their laptops for creative purposes such as photography, video editing, graphic design, or animation depend on their devices for speed and power. These projects can take hours upon hours of rendering which can be detrimental to productivity. For these users, HDRG recommends looking for a higher-end laptop with more processing power.

Maureen Davies, speaking in place of HDRG, states, “Users should focus on identifying exactly what they need their laptop for. High specs and low prices shouldn’t be the only considerations when choosing a laptop. Sometimes opting to buy a more affordable laptop with okay specs but does the job perfectly can be your best move.”

“Despite cloud storage becoming increasingly more commonplace in today’s work environments, cloud storage is more prone to security and privacy issues since they are under the control of a third-party. Costs can also be quite high,” said Davies.

“Larger businesses with sensitive data will appreciate the security and affordability that external hard drives provide, particularly in today's computing environment. Although, because external hard drives are physical, they can break without prior warning. Data loss can ruin a business if not prepared for or handled properly. In such a case, data recovery services like HDRG can provide a fix that will save your business thousands of dollars in revenue.”

Hard Drive Recovery Group offers over-the-phone data recovery evaluation for free. Whether it’s a simple laptop SSD or a multiple drive RAID array, HDRG provides safe, affordable clean room data recovery with a 95% success rate.

Interested parties can call HDRG (1-866-341-4374) or visit their website today.

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