Tuesday, 16 June 2020

Data Recovery Service Publishes New Post On Data Protection

Hard Drive Recovery Group (HDRG), an Irvine, CA based hard drive recovery service, would like to announce that they have published a blog post titled ‘Don’t Lose Your Mind (Or Your Files) During This Lockdown.’ The post talks about the most effective ways to pass time during this lockdown, an especially important subject considering that many people are being forced to stay at home and work from there. This, for most, can be very difficult, especially for long periods of time and with visitors being banned as well. Fortunately, the article has a number of tips that one can use to keep busy while stuck at home.

“Chances are, your company has already allowed people to work from home, if no one has yet been forced to do so,” the blog post says. “And when you’re already home, there’s also a huge chance that, after a day or two, you’re already thinking of the great outdoors where you can do anything with family and friends. But the reality of the COVID19 lockdown strikes, and you’ll have to make your self-isolation as bearable as possible. Here are a few ideas to keep you entertained and lessen thoughts of boredom and pangs of wanting to leave home and expose yourself to a healing world.”

One of the most time-consuming activities one can participate in while still being entertained during self-isolation is to play videogames. Smartphone games may be somewhat entertaining for a short period of time but console or PC games—which require a great deal of time, effort and attention to complete—are considered the best option for those looking for a way to pass the time. Console games can consume hundreds of hours of one’s time and, depending on the game, can keep one entertained for days or even weeks. With large open worlds to explore, expansive levels and incredibly difficult challenges along with engaging gameplay, console games offer a challenge that smartphone games cannot and can help give one the mental exercise they need after days of being stuck at home.

Another option for those stuck at home is to watch movies. “What we’re thinking of is for you to binge-watch on movies, or better yet movie series,” the blog says. “Surely, you’re very familiar with movie franchises, and now that you have a lot of time, why don’t you go ahead and watch them? You can have a marathon of them in order, or perhaps in a random sequence—it’s really your choice. And the options are endless: Star Wars, Star Trek, Harry Potter, MCU, LOTR, that should already last you at least two weeks! Better yet, you can go on a themed marathon—movies where Kiera Knightley is not in a corset, underrated ‘90s gems, foreign crime thrillers. Before you know it, the lockdown may already be over!”

Another option is video conferencing with one’s friends and family, with WI-FI security engaged. If one is already working from home, chances are they are familiar with the concept of video conferencing. What they may not have considered, however, is that it can also be used as a way to communicate with friends that they likely have not seen in weeks or even months.

Hard Drive Recovery Group is a professional data recovery expert that specializes in low cost services. The company has a strong understanding of the importance of data and has helped its clients recover thousands of gigabytes of data. The company says, “Our clients come to us with intentional deletions, fire and flood data loss and many other accidental losses that the client thought would be unrecoverable—only to prove that data, in the hands of data recovery experts like HDRG, is never ‘unrecoverable.’ This is one of the many reasons why HDRG has a 99% customer retention rate and receives over 80% of our customer referrals from current clients.”

For more on how to pass the time during this quarantine or for help with recovering data whether it has been lost intentionally or unintentionally, read Hard Drive Recovery Group’s blog or visit the company’s site. Hard Drive Recovery Group is committed to helping their customers in every way possible.

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