Wednesday, 10 June 2020

Hard Drive Recovery Group Publishes Article On WI-FI Security

Hard Drive Recovery Group, a data recovery service based out of Irvine, California, has published a post that explains Wi-Fi security and how Wi-Fi performance may be improved. The company offers a variety of data recovery solutions at affordable prices.

Maureen Davies, a representative for Hard Drive Recovery Group, says, “With the current pandemic growing out of control, people are being encouraged to stay at home and be safe. This major shift in lifestyle has led to American growing more and more dependent on their home Wi-Fi for just about everything—from telecommuting to entertainment. After all, the priority now is to contain the COVID-19 situation so as not to let it affect more people. Similarly, people should not let themselves be exposed to the virus.”

Davies continues, “Considering all this, it is an uncontested fact that reliable internet speeds will be of utmost importance so that people can still work from home, stay up to date with the latest information and continue to be connected with family and friends. Internet service providers will doubtless be overwhelmed in the coming days, if not weeks. However, there are certain things that you can do at home to optimize your Wi-Fi for the best performance.”

In a blog post on their website, Hard Drive Recovery Group explains several methods through which people can maximize their Wi-Fi’s effectiveness. The first piece of advice they share is to move other electrical appliances and lights away from the Wi-Fi router. The company explains that this has to do with the harmless radiation waves that Wi-Fi routers transmit. To the internet, routers send electromagnetic signals that are received by Wi-Fi enabled devices. However,other gadgets, even lights and lamps, also give off electromagnetic waves, which can lead to the router’s signals getting muddled. Certain software can also be an issue.

More than any other electrical appliance, microwaves can be the biggest issue, according to Hard Drive Recovery Group. The company writes in the blog post that, “Your microwave may be one of the biggest causes of your diminishing web speeds. Microwaves give off electromagnetic radiation (more than most appliances we named earlier) that may interfere with the signals given off by your router. Thus, if you are doing something important that would need a strong Wi-Fi signal, like attending a video conference or watching HD videos, don’t operate your microwave at the same time.”

The company also advises that the number of gadgets and devices connected to the Wi-Fi router should be limited. The more devices that are connected to the router, the slower the Wi-Fi speed will be. The blog post also has a number of other tips in it, including moving the router to a better spot, moving the router away from fish tanks, and more.

Hard Drive Recovery Group knows what they are talking about, as proven by the company’s stellar reviews. On the Google platform, the data recovery service has a perfect rating of 5 out of 5 Stars. In a recent review, Ramiro Aves says, “Lou and his team really went out of their way to help me, which was great, as I had already been to other data recovery services nearby, and all of them said there was nothing they could do. HDRG restored all the data on my hard drive, and had it back to me by the end of the week. No nonsense, high quality data recovery!”

Meanwhile, in another review, Roy Poss shares that they were, “Hugely impressed with Louis and Hard Drive Recovery Group. They took what I thought was going to be a truly horrible situation (a crashed laptop drive), and made it better than all right. You won't find a better data recovery services company out there!”

Those who want to learn more about Hard Drive Recovery Group and their services are welcome to visit the company’s website. Additionally, they encourage interested parties to get in touch with Maureen Davies directly via email or phone. The company can also be reached through the contact form on their website. Hard Drive Recovery Group is also present on multiple social media platforms, including Facebook and Twitter, where they post regular updates and communicate with their customers.

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