Wednesday, 4 September 2019

RAID Data Recovery Services Provider Discusses External Hard Drive Errors, iPadOS With New Posts

With two recent blog posts, Hard Drive Recovery Group discusses not only fatal errors on external hard drives that can create problems for users, but also some of the new features of the iPadOS, which will soon be released in non-beta format to iPad users. These posts continue the RAID data recovery service's dedication to educating its customers about hard drives and data recovery tips.

In the post entitled, "Fatal Errors On External Hard Drives: Here's How You Can Fix Them", Hard Drive Recovery Group discusses the five main causes of fatal errors, and also notes techniques to recover and or fix these errors. Some of these may be as basic as simply changing a USB cable, and some may require greater expertise, such as when the user has to consider looking under the hood in Windows.

"One of the greatest issues that people tend to have with external hard drives in general is that these hard disks are quite fragile at times, and tend to report fatal errors that are overblown," said Maureen Davies, spokesperson for Hard Drive Recovery Group. "When it comes to any kind of hard drive error, it's always important to consider the fact that the actual issue that is causing it may be the least complicated, and the easiest to fix."

Each day, Hard Drive Recovery Group receives at least five calls from users with external hard drive issues that really do not require the help of a data recovery expert. Instead, users are typically pointed to classic error-checking programs such as chkdsk or to Windows Device Manager to solve their issues. Typically, this works wonders, but the tools are much more limited in complex situations, such as RAID disk examination or error checking.

"External hard drives are for the most part excellent devices, but because they are carried around quite a lot and because they often have to be continually plugged in to different systems, there are definitely a number of points of failure," said Davies. "The key is to understand that if your computer is reporting a fatal error, it may not be such a big deal as long as there hasn't been a physical problem such as the drive falling on the floor."

In a second post entitled, "Get To Know The Features Of The iPadOS", Hard Drive Recovery Group discusses some of the new unique features that will be central to the latest iPad operating system. The OS is currently still in public beta, but promises a wide variety of iPad-specific features once it is finally released.

"Fundamentally, iPadOS does appear to be extremely similar to iOS 12, which came on previous iPads, but there are definitely some cool features here," said Davies. "This only makes sense, as it is pretty obvious that iPad users are often very different and have different goals than MacBook or Mac Pro users. This is an attempt to redress the imbalance there."

Some of the new features discussed include the new ability for an iPad user to attach an external mouse, a multi-screen multitasking interface for more experienced users, and also a feature called SideCar, which enables the iPad to become an extension of the user's MacBook if activated. None of these are going to change the world for iPad users, but they do at least suggest that Apple is paying attention to this segment, and that they are serious about it.

"This is one of those feature sets that tends to move the iPad beyond its status as a 'fancy toy' and into something like a productivity tool," said Davies. "One of the biggest issues for iPad users has always been that there were no external storage options that could be used. With this new OS, that's all changed."

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