Tuesday, 17 December 2019

Data Recovery Services Provider Discusses Notification Reduction In Latest Blog Posts

Irvine, CA data recovery services provider Hard Drive Recovery Group has published two recent blog posts discussing how users can lessen the hassle that automatic notifications provide. Nowadays, almost every application features constant user notifications, which can be distracting and make for a poor overall computing experience. The posts continue HDRG's commitment to educating customers on the ins and outs of their computers as well as protecting their valuable data.

In the post, "How To Deactivate Push Notifications In Your Browsers", HDRG discusses one of the new bugaboos of the Internet: the Push Notification. Previously known as "pop-ups", these notifications tend to be bothersome, repetitive and annoying, and recent browser technologies have made them more accepted overall. An additional problem with these browser notifications is that they tend to follow a user around, and are not delete-friendly. In fact, many people tend to mistake these "pushes" as actual Malware.

"The issue with push notifications is that they tend to pop-up when you least expect, or want them to," said Maureen Davies, spokesperson for Hard Drive Recovery Group. "What's worse about these things is that they aren't so easy to get rid of, as opposed to pop up ads, which tended to disappear once a new site is pulled up."

Fortunately, most browsers are automatically configured to at least ask the user if push notifications from certain websites are acceptable to them, which enables the right of refusal. Fortunately also, users that love advertisements from their favorite websites can have them in their face as much as they want by enabling the push notifications.

In a second post entitled, "How To Turn Off Or Mute Your Windows Notifications", HDRG discusses some of the most annoying - and often ridiculous - notifications in the computing world: those from Windows 10. While these notifications can certainly be informative in cases where the disk cleanup needs activation or when it is necessary to free up some additional hard drive space, often, they are repetitive and relentless.

Sadly, with Windows 10 the ability to stop updates and patches from automatically installing is greatly restrained, meaning that any hardware conflicts have to be dealt with post-installation. What this means is that often the user is notified when a new update has been installed.

"Both consumer and corporate users with older systems tend to complain the most about Windows 10's automatic updates, mainly because they tend to cripple a computer that already seemed to be performing well," said Davies. "Certainly this is probably not very intentional, but when a computer reboots every time a Youtube video is watched or freezes up when a document is being worked on, the culprit is usually a bad Windows update."

An actual benefit of Windows notifications is that in the Action Center, a user can easily tune what kind of notifications should be served up, making the system as quiet or as loud as the user requires. An option in the Windows Action Center called Focus Assist is also beneficial, as it enables the user to pause all or only some notifications during certain work-heavy periods.

"The fact is, some people are major multi-taskers that can take a lot of bells and whistles in a computer system and not be fazed," said Davies. "The majority of users, however, tend to lose productivity and focus when a system is informing them of numerous issues on their system."

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