Thursday, 2 May 2019

Hard Drive Recovery Group Talks Data Loss, Data Recovery Experts In New Blog

Continuing its series of blogs surrounding data recovery as well as preventative measures to avoid data loss, Hard Drive Recovery Group addresses backup strategies through the lens of the recent World Backup Day on March 31, 2019.

Like it or not, for very many mid to large sized organizations in North America, data is literally a lifeblood for sales, customer retention and strategy execution, and its protection should be paramount to all serious businesses.

"First off, if you have an IT Administrator of any kind serving your business, you should have a backup plan in place as soon as yesterday," said Maureen Davies, spokesperson for Hard Drive Recovery Group. "The best thing to do is to consider all of your organization's data to be absolutely mission critical, which means ensuring that it is protected from potential threats both due to hardware failure, and intentional deletion."

As noted in the post Experts Share Their Insights On How To Recover Data, one of the main issues that many organizations have is that they take a lot of time and spend a lot of money on creating a backup plan for their data, only to have it fail when they need it most.

"The key to any successful data backup plan is not only what at times seems like excessive redundancy, but also ensuring you actually put the plan to the test," said Davies. "Data recovery services like Hard Drive Recovery Group constantly deal with corporations that have huge investments in their backup plans, only to discover that when a drive fails, the data cannot be recovered."

The best way to test a company's backup plans is to schedule a virtual "data fire drill", and simulate what it would be like if a company's key assets were suddenly accessible. Going through the process enables companies and IT professionals to work out the kinks in their strategies, while ensuring that the backup plan is actually effective.

"It is important to remember that taking a rock solid backup plan beyond the theoretical is absolutely paramount to ensuring it works," said Davies. "Sometimes the best way to ensure that safety measures actually function as they should is to put the data in 'simulated danger', and observing the results."

The post also notes the fact that a disaster recovery plan for any organization should be fairly simple, and free of excess complication. This ensures that the plan is not only less likely to fail, but also is simpler to follow and execute correctly.

"Your best two avenues for backup are via hardware and via the cloud," said Davies. "Any serious data recovery plan should have both, which ensures all bases are covered."

In another post, entitled "Data Loss: It's Here To Stay," Hard Drive Recovery Group addresses some of the key reasons why permanent data loss occurs. Accidental deletions, as well as software and hardware issues continue to plague consumers, with reported instances increasing by 30% year over year.

"If you're a computer user over 20 years of age, it's quite likely you've been using a computer of some kind for most of the 2000s," said Davies. "After years of constant reminders, people are beginning to understand that data loss can be horribly expensive, and are making moves to address it."

A survey referenced within the post notes that 92.7% of consumers are indeed backing up their data in some way, a level that increased year over year by 24%. Data loss continues to plague users, however, as despite these backup efforts, the number of devices that use data continue to increase.

"When we talked to people about backing up their data in 2009, we typically were dealing with PCs and laptops only," said Davies. "Nowadays, smart phones, tablets and other devices tend to be the biggest problems for people, as these devices are not only portable, but have high potential for failure."

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